Gifts for Men Dad Husband, Contour Gauge Duplicator with Lock, Christmas Stocking Stuffers, Cool Gadgets, Measuring Profile Tool Birthday Gifts Ideas for Him, Profile Gauge. This is definitely the best tool to have if you are trying to do measurements for objects. This really does the job and is very simple to use. For Contour Profile Gauge Tool Gifts for Measuring I would say the best way to describe this is that it is like those Sculpture Stainless Steel Pin Art Impressions toys that you may give a kid but for the doorway.

They use several different thin plastic pieces to create an impression of the object you are trying to create a measurement around. This makes it easy to put down tiles, carpets, and such. This one comes in two different sizes. The blue being the largest and the red being the shortest. It is very simple to use in that you just need to press the device against the area you are measuring. Note that you do not have to put a TON of pressure.

Once you have the right measurement, you slide the black plastic sheet up to that location and lock it into place and then you begin the trace. It comes with a simple graphite pencil so you do not have to buy or looking for one. This product did come with someone kind of carrying a case to keep these together but that is more so my preference. It gives you the best closest measurement you can get so that you are able to easily cut out whatever you need to fit the area. For you, It gives you a pretty close measurement of your doorway so you are able to the best cut out when you were installing your new carpet.

Overall this is a very nice and sturdy tool to have. It makes your life so much simpler so you are not sitting there doing a bunch of measurements and trial/error. I also do not recommend trying to force the device. You just need to simply push slowly and it will take the shape. If you try to force it the space between the plastic pieces might be damaged.

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