Kitchen Mat arrive rolled up together and are easily able to unroll them and they lay flat on the floor right away. There is a nice smell and it does fade away. They are quite easy to clean. You like the length of the longer one because it fits perfect in front of your sink and dishwasher. The second one, is shorter and fits perfectly on the side counter. Kitchen Mat would be perfect for a laundry room and even a bathroom. The mats look like they are thin, however when standing on them they do not sink down. You have stood on anti-fatigue mats and it was so soft you felt like you are standing on your floor. You don’t feel this way while standing on these mats, even for a long period of time.The color is a soft grey with a pleasing pattern, that would match just about any decor. The quality looks as if they would stand up to daily use. You would purchase them again.

This are really comfy under your feet and the design compliments my kitchen well. Your cat is also enjoying these nearly as much as you. These kitchen mats to spice up the kitchen a bit and to assist in keeping the floors clean. You love the color and design, very modern. It goes with the scheme of my home very nicely.

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