If you want, Then purchas this Quartz Chronograph watch as a college graduation gift for you or friends. The product photos are impeccably accurate, but the beauty of the timepiece really stands out in real life. The details in this design really make it; You chose this one over other models because of them. You’re also considering the hybrid smartwatch model, but the battery life of this one is longer, and you like the look much much more. The face is slightly textured, the numbers are enlarged for prominence, and the minute and hour hands are color-blocked.

The smoky gray/black is stunning, smooth, and matte. My boyfriend loves the coloring and design, which is cool, because You felt like it fit his personality. The face is 24mm, so it is prominent on his wrist. It looks like a man’s watch. Also, he has a rugged job and rugged interests, so the stainless steel make was important to me. You purchase the additional protection plan by Asurion as well, and for the price,You think the coverage is great. It is a nice supplement to the Fossil warranty.

You had to take a couple of links out of the band, but that was easy and typical. The closure seems to be holding up, but the pins may loosen and detach at bad times in the future. You can’t tell yet, but we anticipate it as a common problem with this style band.

Delivery was amazing–it came earlier than You expect. It was packaged in a small box in the usual Fossil tin box, but the lid of the tin had come off. The watch was not loose in the package or damaged, however. You plan to take it to a Fossil store nearby, because Fossil will engrave it for free if you do, which is cool. You wanted it engraved if he liked it, and You thought you would have to pay a local jeweler. If you are considering this product, You absolutely recommend it. Your friend and You love love love this watch!

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