You get this Quartz Watch You will be pleased and have worn it most every day since. The design is very good and minimalist. The numbers around the perimeter aren’t very big so you don’t notice them usually and it looks like a numberless face, which You prefer. The markings are very clear and the materials look very quality.

The leather band feels nice and smells really good when you first get it (smell wears off after a few days). It doesn’t slip down your wrist like some other watches do. The crown feels nice but every now and then it will pop out on its own, pausing time. This usually happens when taking off a jacket. The markings sparkle on a sunny day if you move your wrist around. It’s overall a very beautiful watch that You get complimented on regularly.

The markings and hands are glow in the dark, but keep in mind this is limited: it only glows dimly for a minute or so before turning off. It’s not a watch you can expect to use in the dark all the time. The face is very durable, it still doesn’t have any scratches. The chrome around the face, however, has collected many minor scratches. It still looks good, though, especially if you’re not inspecting it up close.

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