Silver Pendant Necklace is a very nice stone, just like in the picture, with lots sparkles. It is a natural Swiss Topaz, 3 karat, AAAA rating, with sterling silver metal plated 18 karat white gold. If you purchase a London blue Topaz (slightly bigger than this), just a pendant with no design nor necklace, for around $500 after discount (originally $750) in a jewelry store. This one is a bargain. Lovely the pendant.

So a bit like golem you are hard pressed to part with this little bauble, but it looks far better on wifey than on your harry….. self… wouldt want to upset the amazon censorship police by using adult language in this review, even though im perfectly aware that those things are done by non english speakers who have no clue what our colloquialisms actually are. For instance, you can say You stuffed your rooster into her tiny cat, and 95 percent of you reading this review in the US would know what You are getting at.

You always write your reviews out on paper before typing them, your pen is big, you often have to grip it hard to keep it straight, and if im at it too long you  get ink everywhere. You have no idea how you end up with ink all over your face, but it happens every damn time. anyhow mini rant over, the necklace is amaze balls, you got it on a lightning deal, so that made it even better. The stone is cut well and reflects lights beautifully. The chain length can be changed allowing the gorgeous person in your life some versatility with this piece.

The first one Amazon sent me was lost in transit, so it took me 8 days to get it here instead of the customary 2, but that’s not the fault of the necklace so i cant dock any stars for that. When you suggest that wifey should let me see what this necklace would look like layered with a pearl necklace, she happily obliged by making you wear both, lesson learned. Have fun folks.


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