OK here’s my detailed of est Iron Hair Straightener and Curler First of all I have to tell y’all that I have struggled for a while with finding a straightener that works well for my hair type. I’ve been using the same one for several years but it finally died a couple of weeks ago and it has been a nightmare trying to find one that measures up. My old straightener was a Remington with Teflon fabric coated plates which they no longer make. I was so heartbroken when I discovered that because this straightener has worked wonders on my hair.

I have very fine hair, so I have to be careful with the type of flat iron I use. Most ceramic flat irons don’t work well for me because my hair is so curly naturally (and super long) so they tend to tug on my hair regardless of whether the plates float or not. That being said, I have tried several different kinds of irons with different shapes and plates and I’ve even tries the straightening brushes. The brushes just don’t force that silky shine that irons do so that was a bust.
Then I discovered this bad boy. The Vanessa flat iron with smooth, glossy TITANIUM plates (not ceramic!) and I am in LOVE! This review is gonna sound like I was paid to write it but I swear to y’all on my daddy’s grave I wasn’t asked to review this thing or paid to do so. I just received it an hour ago. Lol Anyway, aside from it being a very beautiful iron in fancy packaging, it works great! It usually takes me 4-5 passes to get my hair as straight as I like it because 1. I’m a perfectionist and 2. I have really curly, wild and wavy hair.

With this iron I only did 2-3 passes for each section which cut my straightening time in half. And my hair is super soft and shiney and best of all there was absolutely no tugging which was the most important quality that I was looking for. As I said most irons snatch on my hair but this one glided smoothly and did not cause any breakage or pulling. The overall quality of the straightener itself seems really nice as well especially for the price. This one was only $34.99. I can’t really say how long it will last obviously because I just received it today, but it seems to be really well made. I will update my review in the future if it stops working.

I’m so glad I took a chance and bought this straightener despite seeing a few bad reviews. I’m not sure if those were user error or if they just got a bad straightener. Anyway, I totally recommend it and if you don’t end up liking it you can always return it. You have nothing to lose so go for it! I’ll include pics of my hair with side by sides of before and after so you can see how well it works on long/fine/curly hair.

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